Wednesday 19 March 2014

Photo post

thought I would post some of the photos I took today, first is the Barbara Hepworth Centre in Wakefield 

The Lady herself

And now some from Henry Moore

And some by an Artsist called Albert Wainwright 1898- 1943

And now moving on to the sculpture park in Yorkshire

And lastly the sky sent us a kiss lol

Hope you didn't get too bored and thanks for looking

Debs xxxx



  1. How can you get bored with such beautiful imagery...

    Quite like Albert's style, similar to my friend Brian's drawings (he is Artfulantics on Twitter).

    What a way for the Universe to celebrate your Anniversary day than by sending you a huge kiss, a very good sign.

    Thanks for sharing your day, once again your photography is beautiful:-) xxx

  2. I love the sculptures out in the open - Kew had some of Henry Moore's a few years ago now and it was wonderful to see them amongst the plants. The bridge is great, very funny! thanks for sharing.


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