Thursday, 3 March 2016

All these birthdays

Hello everyone, I was counting how many birthday cards I need for friends and family and thought I'd better getting going as I'll never catch up lol. Do you make your own cards? I often wonder what people who aren't crafters feel about getting hand made cards. I do wonder if they realise how long they can take or recognise the skill involved?  If you have a story about a card you have made, and would like to share it, please email me and I'll put them on the blog. It will interesting to find out each other's experiences whether good bad happy or sad. We can see if any common theme emerge.   Now with all this talk of cards, you might guess that I'm sharing a card this week over at That's Crafty and you would be nearly right. In fact I'm sharing a set of three. Here's the peep! 

 Hehe I'm naughty aren't I! 

All the details and more piccys are on the blog so if you can, please go check it out.

 if you have time to pop back tomorrow I have a new Face for you.

Take care as always, hugs



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  1. Lovely cards Debs - great colours and wonderful layouts x


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