Sunday 23 December 2018

Last minute wrapping

Hi everyone, I have a quick post today as I know you will all be busy with your last minute preparations and I don’t want to keep you. This quick and simple wrapping will help out for those ‘oops I forgot and need something quick’ moments

So any pillow box will do, shop bought or die cut. Apply a  random layer of crackle Gel, quick zap with the heat gun (not too much heat or else it won’t crackle) and then a layer of acrylic paint. Dry and watch those cracks appears.
Use a printed tissue paper I used this one from Tim Holtz, apply again randomly back and front. 

Die cut some leaves and stems, give them some colour and stick on the front of your pillow.  Add some fancy string/ribbon around the pillow several times and secure. Add a trinket or two, I used some little bells, a tiny rag or a sticker and you are done.

A perfect wrapping for those little presents, or you can make several and use them as tree ornaments or how about fill it up with a trinket, a hat and a joke and you have an alternative to the Christmas cracker with your dinner. 

Anyway I’ll let you crack on!

Have a wonderful Christmas to those who celebrate and I’ll see you in the New Year



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