Friday 18 November 2016

Not your usual tools

Hello everyone, thanks for popping in today, as I'm sharing a journal page I created. I was I nspired by the new challenge in the fabulous year long workshop Wanderlust 2016. We were asked to be creative using tools that usually have another purpose. So here's my page.  
The tools I used 
Here we go!
I chose a page on which I had started a sketch. I started by using the grill panel as a stencil, with crackle paste applied randomly on the page.  I'd  saved the grill from a portable barbecue we used in the summer. I've had it rusting in the garden wrapped in some material so that the colour was transferred.
I used Dina Wakley Media paints and applied them first with pieces of the bark, and then the ball from my potpourri was rolled in paint and then rolled onto the page. I continued building up layers experimenting with the different items and colours. I placed the grill plate back on top of the paste and with DecoArt Media mists added anther layer.  
To add some contrast I used Titanium White heavy bodied acrylic To make circles. First with my kitchen sink's plug and then a pasty cutter. I loved the fluted edge I got from the cutter, it added a different look?  
I worked on the face some more, with Prima Water Soluble Oil Pastels, and then painted her hair in black to add more contrast along with the white.  Finally I added a little Metallic Lustre over the crackle to add more interest.
I really enjoyed experimenting with the different pieces and will definitely be on the look out for more ordinary item; it's like looking at familiar items in a completely different way.
Over the weekend I will post some details about the Composite Art I have been creating with a tutorial to show the basic of how these fabulous pieces of art can be created. So hope you can join me, have a lovely weekend and stay creative.
Hugs Debs xxx


  1. Love the use of alternative tools, very successful. All of the layers add lots of interest and love the blue face!!

  2. Lovely art and your header is stunning!


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