Thursday 13 October 2016

More for Halloween

Hello me again! Welcome to more Halloween. Just a quick one today with a different take on Halloween, I drew this ages ago, originally part of a set of Stencils images for a craft shop, who then decided they didn't want them. So rather than just letting them grow dusty I thought I would use them. This is Jim the ventriloquist's dummy and I'm going to enter him into A Vintage Journey's current challenge as well as Write Edit Publish,   

The original drawing 

After adding some more colour using Oil Pastels, I decided to finish him off digitally using Procreate and Repix

Hope I didn't scare you too much!

Stay Creative and take care

Hugs Debsxx 



  1. Eeek - consider me terrified. Those traditional ventriloquist's dummies are a bit of a thing with me anyway. Brilliant spooky choice and brilliant painting and shading to get all that depth and dimension on his terrifying features!! I've not been around much either, so there's no need to apologise - and it's great to have you join us on A Vintage Journey.
    Alison x

  2. Oh my goodness, now that really is spookily scary! You really have captured the features of a ventriloquist dummy beautifully in this image, it is wonderful - in a spooky way!

    Thanks so much for joining in our 'Make it Spooky' challenge at A Vintage Journey. Anne x

  3. what a great drawing and wonderful coloring! Funny how a ventriquilist doll has become evil now!!! Thanks for joining us in the AVJ challenge! Julia xx

  4. Just like some people are (strangely) afraid of clowns, these ventriloquist dummies can be pretty scary. You're a great artist. I'm so glad you posted for WEP. 'Make it Spooky' really fit with WEP's prompt this month.

    Thank you so much for participating. Hope you enjoy getting around and seeing what other people have posted!

    Denise :-)

  5. Hi, Debs:
    Jim is extremely scary, at least for someone who's always hated or been totally creeped out by puppets of any kind. :) Great addition to the WEP Halloween Challenge though. Thanks for participating!
    Love your artistry. I can't wait to see more!

  6. Great painting of a spooky puppet.

  7. Oh what fun.
    And a ventriloquist's dummy will join clowns in my nightmares tonight.

  8. Hello,

    Great take on the Halloween prompt. Loved your art. Scary doll/puppets have a high heebie-jeebies quotient in my book...and a ventriloquist's dummy is top of that list.

  9. Ventriloquist dummies scare the bejeebers out of me. Your drawing is great because it scared more bejeebers out of me.

  10. You are a very talented lady. Love your drawing style. Thanks for joining us at A Vintage Journey.

  11. Love Jim. Those eyes are exquisite.

  12. I love creepy ventriloquist's dummies...they're a perfect addition to the roster of Halloween ghouls and monsters.

    That ghost of a smile coupled with the large, intense eyes. Just fantastic!

  13. This is an excellent entry into the WEP Challenge for Halloween. I've never been particularly afraid or creeped out by a ventriloquist dummy , but I wouldn't want to meet Jim in a dark alley, or anywhere else for that matter. He has a surreal lifelike look and I'm sure he can speak without the aid of the ventriloquist. YIKES!

  14. I'm one of those who doesn't like clowns, but haven't seen very many ventriloquist dummies. I just don't like them sitting around (watching, always watching. . .) - even before 'Chuckie' and some of those types of creatures were well known. Thanks for sharing the art work, anyway, I always like seeing other people's art.

  15. A puppet
    A drawing
    scared not me

    yet how deep
    in you soul
    can he see


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