Sunday, 1 February 2015

Brightness with DecoArt!

Hello everyone, thank you for visiting me today. I hope you are all well and enjoying your Sunday afternoon.

I went swimming this morning and as it was pouring down when I'd finished we went straight home. We were going to go for a walk in Oak Woods a short drive away, but neither of us felt like getting wet. Sooooo I got some craft time unexpectedly. I was drawn towards the blog post from Unruely Paper Arts which says                         Inspire Your Heart with Art Day! You can read all about it here.

So this is just for me. 

used the other canvass from yesterday and to liven it I sprayed Media Mists from DecoArt in Shimmer Yellow Shimmer Violet  and Shimmer White. I dried these and then added some touches of Green Yellow.

I was loving all the colour but that was it. Nothing else was happening! That was until I turned it upside down.

I loved it this way up and could see so much. In this light it hard to see what appears in the background but you will hopefully see something later.

What I focused on was the two buds in the centre, I added another, and coated all three in Quinacridone Gold. I gave them all two coats and when dry I outlined the left side in my Stabilio Pencil which I then activated with water. Once this was dry I used a white Gell Pen to add some nightlights. 

I really like how the buds were growing at the end of a path which if you looked up you could see the house at the end 

The buds resonated to me in that they were different from everything else and I wanted to give the message that it was ok. To give myself permission to be Me even if I am different from others. It's ok! So my sentiment said just that.

I enjoyed letting my imagination guide me on this canvass. I hope you you like what I created.

Thanks for your visit. Take care all of you with poor weather. Stay warm Stay safe 
Bye for now Debsxx


  1. Love this, so striking!
    Amanda x

  2. WOW, this worked out perfectly and love you unintentional house in the background xx

  3. wow Debs what a fantastic canvas!! great colours and the house..well was obviously meant to be there lol xxx

  4. This is so yummy to my eyes, absolutely love it and have decided to become a follower...yeah!! So glad I found you.

  5. WOW it was easy to spot the shapes but what you have done with them is amazing. Stunning Art, glorious colours and definitely you. Glad you got to play today :-) xxx

  6. Deborah this is just delightful, I love all the movement of the colors and how you had the vision to see the buds and path. A wonderful message too. Thanks so much for sharing your beautiful art with us and joining us for our Inspire Your Heart with Art Event at Unruly PaperArts. Danie xx

  7. Fantastic canvas, Debs! So great that you linked up with this special Inspire your Heart with Art day. Your art always inspires my heart and this is no exception. Thank you for drawing us in so brilliantly too! This is a lovely blog post. xxx

  8. Amazing colours and love the movement that the sprays gave to your canvas, it is beautiful!

  9. I love this piece! Playing with color this way is so much fun; there's always anticipation for what's going to reveal itself!

  10. Absolutely GORGEOUS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Love the way you allowed the canvas to "speak" for itself!

  11. Deborah... what a gorgeous piece... I love how your eyes saw something different when you turned the piece the other way.... LOVE IT !!! Thanks for inspiring my heart on this special art day with Unruly PaperArts

  12. Just love that you turned your piece upside down and a whole new lot of possibilities opened up.Some of my so-called better pieces were things that looked bad to start with.Good lesson here. Love what you achieved.
    Thanks for sharing.

  13. Wow! The colors are gorgeous!!! I love your creation!

  14. Beautiful layers with colors Deb, love this!! Thanks for share.


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