Monday, 16 February 2015

New painted face

Hi everyone, hope you all managed to get through Monday safely. Welcome to my new followers, and thanks for joining us here.

Today I'm sharing a painted face. It isn't really finished as I'm not happy with bits but wanted it to dry thoroughly before I play any more. It's very different for me but it's the way I'm feeling pulled and so I'm going with it and see where it takes me.

I used Media Line Paints by Dina Wakley and two tubes from Systems 3 Titaniam Buff and Rose. I put the photographs into a video which you can see below

Here is the girl. I don't like her lips, I already redone them once but I'm still not happy so will do them again and apart from the colours the eyes still ain't right.

I have some depth to the face, which was what I was after but I want more. I'll invite you back once I've made the changes. I would love to read your feedback so please leave a comment.

See you soon 




  1. Debs that is gorgeous! Nothing wrong with it to my eye but I know how picky I am about my own creations which I'm not confident enough to share. Keep on pushing honey 'cos you are doing something more than right lol! Karen x


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