Sunday 6 July 2014

Inspired by Teresa Abajo 'a wall hanging'

Hello and welcome. Thank you for joining me this afternoon. The sun is in my garden but it is soft, and there is a breeze, it's very pleasant. Sitting in the craft room writing this post is lovely and just what I needed. I hope what every you have been doing has brought you Joy.

Now! Over on the Paper Artsy blog this week Teresa Abajo  brought us this great hanging board. This is my take on that board. I pretty much followed Teresa's steps.

For my stamping I used Hot Pics 1203EZ from Paper Artsy 

I rubbed down the board where I felt the stamping was to dark. I wanted it to stay in the background. I chose this stamp because of the travel theme. I wanted the board to mean something to me. I loved Teresa's use of the butterflies and flowers and wanted to use butterflies on mine. I then remembered one of Emily Dickinson poems about Butterflies and so used part of it for the board.

Here is the full Poem if you would like to read it.

TWO butterflies went out at noon
And waltzed above a stream,
Then stepped straight through the firmament
And rested on a beam;  

And then together bore away        
Upon a shining sea
Though never yet, in any port,
Their coming mentioned be.  

If spoken by the distant bird,
If met in ether sea        
By frigate or by merchantman,
Report was not to me.
Emily Dickinson 

Thank you for stopping by, come back soon

Debs xxx


  1. Love your choice and positioning of stamping. Poem is very thoughtful too. Lovely piece Deborah. X

  2. Oooooh fab crackle and the splash of blue has really brought it alive - love it xxx

  3. Gorgeous crackling, really nice poem too.

  4. oh that's really pretty! Love the poem as well.

  5. wonderful crackles - love the colours too xx

  6. This is a beautiful take on Teresa's hanging board. Thanks for the poetry too. My knowledge of poetry is terrible ..... hated it when younger and only now coming to appreciate it.

    Lesley Xx

  7. So lovely, love the pop of colour on the subtle background,

    Lucy x

  8. Great crackle, love the colours xx

  9. Beautiful hanging, Deborah - how I love Crackle, and Emily Dickenson is one of my favourite poets. The beauty and simplicity of her writing match this work of art perfectly. Julie Ann xxx

  10. Stunning Board Deborah! Beautiful background, crackle has worked beautifully, love the pops of that beautiful bluey turquoise.

    Wonderful poem, must read some Emily Dickinson... :-) xxx

  11. Gorgeous art Deb, & thanks for sharing that lovely poem!
    Alison xxx


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