Thursday 10 July 2014

Darcy_uk is a Star *

Hello and welcome to this post about my special day with Darcy at Summerfest 14. I had an amazing time making a wonderful tag book the Darcy_uk way. Those of you PATwits (Paper Artsy Twitter followers) will know how amazingly talented Darcy is, but for those who might not know please visit her blog here.

I also got to meet Lin Brown another amazing artist. She was teaching another class next door but popped in to visit. You can visit her blog here.

The Summerfest 14 was coordinated by Janet and her wonderful team at birds in the barn a very well stocked craft shop full of arty goodies. 

Well onto my book! 

Darcy gave us a pack which had templates and measuring card ready for us to cut out and use which was so helpful to use, and keep to make more in the future. We cut out our card for the bird house and Darcy demonstrated how to add grunge paste and make it look like wood.

Several coats of French Roast Brown Shed and Nougart fresco finish acrylic from Paper Artsy were applied in thin coats to build up depth and finally a tiny amount of blue was added.

We had three papers from the Paper Artsy Chatsworth papers and two boards cut to size and ready to use. The papers were scored, folded to size and stamped with a border from JOFY13 

We moved onto our bird leaves etc and another technique demonstration by Darcy. Paint your colours onto smoothly card and stamp onto of the paint. This allows you to mix the paint colours add texture etc which would be difficult to if stamped first and then painted.

Stamps from Darcy_uk mini 02 and the 06 plate

We stopped for lunch 

Then back to work to finish our books. Darcy provided us with clear written instructions of techniques as well as samples to look at for tags to go in our book. We didn't have enough time to start the tags but that's a project for another day. 

Now a fantastic part of our book is that we were given twigs which fitted in the spine of the book. This was decorated with bunting and then dangles were attached with coloured thread. These were made by Darcy out of clay; we painted them and then stamped on them before they hung from the twigs.

So the finished book.

Now when I attached the leaves to the twigs and went to take a photo I noticed that one of my leaves was missing. I looked everywhere for it but it had disapeared so I added another, however when I looked at this photo I found it - can you see it? I have since removed it lol.

I have had a fantastic day, thank you Darcy,  and thank you Bird's in the Barn for bringing Darcy and Lin to Essex.

I hope you enjoyed your visit, come back soon to see the tags in their special book.

Bye for now

Debs xxx


  1. wow, what a fun project, a great day indeed.

  2. No, I didn't see the errant leaf, never was any good at where's Wally! So glad that you had a fab day. Can hear the excitement in your post. Lovely pic of you both. Darcy looks very grown up, hardly recognised her. Glad that you had a fab time and results are beautiful! Xx

  3. Certainly sounds like you had a fab day Deb, pity you couldn't get your tags started, but at least you have your instructions so you can finish it, can't wait to them xxxx

    Sam xx

  4. What a wonderful project! Wish I'd been with you all!

    Lucy x

  5. Stunning Book Debs, great to read your happy post, you can tell you enjoyed the day, learning new techniques and most of all meeting the gorgeous Darcy, she is amazing isn't she!!!

    Your book looks very cool, especially with the addition of the beads and twigs.

    Do hope to see more of this type of project with your own special twist on it.

    Thank you for sharing your wonderful day:-) xxx

  6. Thanks Deb, was a joy to have you there. Everyone was so lovely and did amazing work. Wish we could have had twice as long lol

  7. That's gorgeous Deb and I love the bunting as well. Sounds like it was a fab day. Elizabeth xxx

  8. Ooh!!! Lucky you! I'm a bit green here! Lol!
    Your book is gorgeous!
    Alison xxx

  9. love the book (plus the missing leaf on the stem) - sounds like you had a great time. I was lucky enough to do a workshop with JOFY recently. xx


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