Wednesday 16 July 2014

Another doll

Evening all phew! isn't it warm. I am trying so hard to enjoy it but unfortuantly I'm struggling. Many of you out there will understand, we are not alone lol.

Earlier on I went into the shed to fetch something and noticed that the paper clay bodice I had made was dry. I was inspired to make this by Gabrielle Pollacco heck out her video here.  I started fiddling as you do and had an idea to make another doll. Penny brought us 3 great nights on the Paper Artsy blog and this doll is inspired by her first.

Now unfortuantly I got so carried away I forgot to take any pictures but I'll talk you through it, for those that are interested. 

I used paper  clay and shaped the bodice. The skirt is dried used baby wipe cut to size. The wings are stamped from Ellen Vargo stamp and the face is from crafty Indivduals the butterfly is from from Paper Artsy.

Thanks for looking 
Debs xxx



  1. Fab tag and love the other use for the baby wipe!!!

    Sam xxx

  2. This is lovely, I love the face and the clay bodice. Have just finished mine. It's fun and addictive, isn't it!

    Lucy x

  3. Love the flushed cheeks. She looks very knowing like an old soul.lovely. Xx

  4. Loving your dolls, this one is very cute. Beautiful dress, gorgeous face, love the boddice:-) xxx

  5. Ha I just Gabrielle's version on the Maja Design blog! Love how you did your doll with the sweet stamped face! A great tag!

  6. Deborah it's me again, just to let you know that the link you provided goes back to your blog, not Gabrielle's....If you need help, email me!

  7. you're definitely on a roll this well - really imaginative x

  8. Great use of baby wipes, totally love that butterfly, if that corset was red I would wear it lol

  9. This is lovely. Like the bodice (must play with paper clay) and the butterfly. Thanks again for joining in..P.

  10. Great tag Debs beautiful bodice ...I watched Gabrielle's video the other night it's stunning isn't it!! I love the stamp you've used for her pretty and the dried baby wipe is perfect for the skirt xxx

  11. She's so pretty - lovely bodice and the muted colours of the skirt... and her face looks lovely so delicately flushed.
    Alison xx

  12. Very creative Deb! xxx


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