I made a coat...

Ok it's only for Daisy the name I have given my sewing machine. This afternoon I thought I would make a cover for my machine as I practice my sewing skills.

The size is 17 inch x 32 . I used cream for the insides and  a pretty pink for the top side. in between is sandwiched quilting stuff. (Don't know it's name) I then stitched satin bias tape all the way round and added some ribbon to tie it up. 

Thanks for looking - take care Debs xxx

Deborah Wainwright
Deborah Wainwright

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  1. Love this style, great that it opens into a mat for your machine to sit on, quietens the sound. Lovely make you clever Deborah!

    Looks like you enjoyed sewing today:-) xxx

  2. Pretty, practical and skillful. Fab. Xx

  3. Oh very good :) looks pretty xx


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