Friday, 6 July 2018

TV samples pt 2

Hello everyone, hope you are all well and surviving the lovely weather. I must admit I’m loving it, which is a first for many years as hormones the last few years made it virtually impossible to enjoy even warm days let alone scorching hot ones, but thanks HRT patches I’m back to being a sun worshipper. I do however sympathise with those that are struggling. My advice is to drink loads (our bodies retain fluid if we don’t drink enough, which leads to swollen limbs etc, which in turn makes us miserable). Wear lose clothing in natural fibres, a nice floppy hat is useful to provide wearable shade, and finding shady spots in the garden, during the hottest hours all help to keep our body temperature down. 

Anyway onto the reason for my post, I’m sharing some more samples I made for Chocolate Baroque’s TV shows on Hochanda last month. 

First we have this altered door handle plaque

Using elements from Blossom and Grow

And then this card

Stay tuned as I’ll be back soon with more creative projects 

Take care


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