Thursday 21 July 2016

Strut your stuff

Hello everyone, happy Thursday to you all and thanks for popping in. It's been hot here in Essex, so you all take care, we don't want any burnt bodies! I must say, even though I'm struggling with the heat at those certain glowing moments women of a certain age experience, but I'm enjoying the in between times, especially of an evening sitting in the garden. As its Thursday, it's my turn over at That's crafty where you can see what I've been up to. Here's a peep to get you guessing.
Come back soon as there's more to come, plus I have a secret to share, so look out for the announcement 
Take care


  1. Love the card you made for your niece Debs.
    I know what you mean about 'glowing moments' and I think, is it me? or is it the weather that's doing it.
    Wasn't last night awful - hot and humid arghhh I hardly slept.
    Down on Clacton seafront they have planted palm trees - goodness knows why - but might have been nice last sleeping under them and the stars in the fresh air - except knowing my luck, the tide would have probably got me! :)
    Gill x

  2. Looks fab, Debs.. I can't stand the intense heat either, am glad it was a bit cooler today.


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