Tuesday 5 January 2016

Use a bottle Art doll

Hello everyone today I'm sharing an Art doll I made for the Country View Challenges as my second inspiration for Brenda's great theme 'inspired by bottles'

The head and hands are polymer clay the material is soaked in Powertex and then arranged on bottle, building up areas where I need more shape.

Once it was dry I painted it with Fresco Acrylic Paints from Paper Artsy and then added Treasure gold in Pewter also from Paper Artsy.

I was inspired to make this by a FB friend Sam who has been making some fantastic dolls using Powertex. This is something I will come back to often, as I loved the process. I also hoped to get more skilled lol.


Here are a few shots of how she was created.





Oops I didn't like her face so got rid of it.


Well there you have it my first doll, my first Powertex use, and first body parts. All thoroughly enjoyed!

Hope to see you all soon hugs Debs xx




  1. Hiya, great make, although I thought you said that you'd bought transparent powertex, this looks like the ivory one! Also how do you link your blog to the challenge blog please?

  2. Great work! I really like her face without features. She is a beautiful art doll. You have really inspired me to explore the possibilities of Powertex - and what a terrific way to recycle old ginger beer bottles! xx

  3. she looks fab Debs! Really must get started with mine!

  4. your doll.is fabulous Debs. I love the texture and the way that you have used the powertex

  5. your doll.is fabulous Debs. I love the texture and the way that you have used the powertex

  6. wow wow wow - this is amazing Debs and the tutorial is fabulous! Brilliant! Hugs rachel x

  7. AWED. Completely AMAZED. Just INCREDIBLY INTRIGUING AND BEAUTIFUL Debs. Wow wow wow. WOW. Donno what to say... she's PERFECT. Happy New Year. Hugs. j.

  8. Wow Debs, what an amazing project!!!. I absolutely love how this turned out, stunning colours and incredible detail! Love the folds in her dress, - just stunning!!

  9. This is an amazing project! Very artistic! I love your beautiful doll!

  10. This is absolutely amazing Debs! Such gorgeous colour and the way it came together is awesome! Must investigate Powertex as the effect here is fabulous!
    Fliss xx

  11. Wow!!! First go with the Powertex, amazing! Puts mine to shame! Love <3 x

  12. She's splendid, Debs - I too like the face without the features, it allows the imagination to join in. Really looking forward to a day when I can get messy with the Powertex and try out some dollshouse dolls for the Tudor Tavern!
    Alison xx

  13. Wow! Incredible "first" doll, Debs! It was fun to see the process--you made it look easy, which I know it isn't. So fun!


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