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Morning peeps and a happy bank holiday weekend to you all. This morning I'm showing you a little journal book that I have started.  A good friend known as Massofhair in the twitter world  made this for me and so I chose to use the first page as an inspirational motivator for when I feel sorry for myself.

I started by dripping some Fancolor pens down the page once dry I sprayed cosmic shimmer and threw on some brusho

I then added some stamping using home made stamps

I stamped some paper which I then tore and distressed then crumpled a piece of contrasting paper

Then layered these into my page. At this stage I really loved it but felt it needed more. With hind site I wished I'd left here.

I drew a heart and added some doodles

And the finished page.

I like the idea of every time I open my book not only do I think of my friend but I remember to feel how blessed I truly am. And to quote my friend sending love and light xxxx

Deborah Wainwright
Deborah Wainwright

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  1. So glad you are using your little journal, page 1 is gorgeous, it speaks from your soul to your conscious mind...

    You are Blessed, you are Unique, you are Loved.

    Thank you for the mention, i am blushing.

    Love & Light :-) xxx

  2. So lovely, and you are such a lovely person. Have a wonderful bank holiday weekend,

    Lucy x


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