I couldn't decide whether to go for something spooky for Halloween or not. I decided no as I'm just not a spooky kinda girl :)

Anyway I really enjoyed Tams tutorial on life book 2013 and decided to create my own pictured based on her tutorial. I have signed up for a few of her online classes as I love her style of painting and her style of teaching she is fab.

I didn't do many steps as I forgot. I get so carried away,  and then think oh I could put this on the blog so the first photo has a picture of me in black and white cut around my face to discard my hair. I'm then stuck onto my paper which is A3 size 16 1/2 in x 11 1/4in or 42cm x 29.7cm it is Windsor and Newton 220gsm heavy weight cartridge paper smooth. It was great to work on and held up to all the battering it got.

I use a variety of papers stuck around me and give it a wash of claret fresco paint from Paper Artsy
I work on the face and hair using Neao 2 crayons and Fabre castle pencils plus some white acrylic. I dint leave too much graphite on the face as I don't like the colour. I also used my artistic Liscense and made myself look 20 years younger. I also added the moon.

I continued to work on the picture adding in the pumpkin. 

Thanks for looking 
Deborah Wainwright
Deborah Wainwright

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  1. Hello you! Great way to use ur beautiful face:-) Fantastic page, superb drawing & doodling. Love what you do a lot, you are a full of inspiration :-) xxx

  2. I think that this is a stunning piece of work Deborah. Love the build up of papers and the way that you developed it. Very interesting and inspiring. X


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