Wednesday, 28 November 2018

Journal style card

Hello everyone, I’ve been playing with watercolours again lately, and I’m definitely in love with their versatility. Over the last year they have become my favourite medium for all my creative needs. Today I created a grungy card in a style I would usually use in my journal but thought it would work as a card too. So here it is and then I’ll walk you through how I created it.

Sorry the lights not great but it’s hard to get anything completed before it’s dark now days. So I started with the background by wetting the card with clean water, then started to add the colours. I used a mix of Daniel Smith and Sennelier watercolour paints, both are on my palette, as I love both makes. I made a small puddle of each colour and dropped it onto the wet card. 

Wet in wet - When you drop paint onto a wet surface it’s spreads and runs allowing for more accurate blending, 

For this make I left hard edges and allowed it to cauliflower (technical term) as it adds interest, however, if you were using the paint traditionally you would blend out the hard edges.

Once the background was dry I used Old Page stamp from Rubber Dance with Archival ink in Plum randomly over the page. I used a light pressure in some areas and heavier in others. This creates added interest.

I then stamped my focal point da Vinci Body Sketch from Rubber Dance. I love this stamp as it has many creative uses. For this card I kept it simple. I chose my light to come from the right side so added a shadow on the left side. Again working wet in wet, I softened the edge of where I added the paint to blend it slightly. Using the shadow in this way gives a more 3D affect.

To finish I added a sentiment, aged the edges, and mounted it onto kraft card. Keeping the mount simple allowed the image to take centre stage.

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  1. Love how you can see the layers of water colour, stunning. Great tips as well.

  2. Good to see how you build up your layers and the final piece is a stunner!


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